Reclaim the Power

Dear Theresa May,

Tomorrow there will be a day of action against airport expansion. Unfortunately I can’t be there in person, but am writing to let you know that I give the action my absolute and full support.

Thanks to the Paris Agreement COP21 there is full international recognition that dangerous global warning must be halted, and that the only way of holding to 1.5° is to invest in clean renewable technologies and leave fossil fuel reserves in the ground.

There is global resistance to the construction of infrastructures – old dirty technologies – that tie us to the burning of fossil fuels. Airport expansion is my fight because Heathrow, Europe’s largest airport, is my next-door neighbour and my children breathe its dirty toxic air.

It is more important now than ever before that politicians #staygrounded and realise that within our lifetimes we will see the impacts of climate change play out before our eyes. That’s our lifetimes. Not even talking about our children’s lifetimes.

Air pollution is already a leading cause of premature deaths.

Mrs May there is no economic argument for airport expansion that can dismantle the climate evidence you and the rest of the world have agreed on, and that in case you have forgotten since Paris, you must surely have at your disposal.

For the sake of all humanity, for the habitability of the planet for this and for generations to come, please start making some wise choices. Climate change is here, it is happening, and it is going to keep on worsening within your lifetime and mine unless immediate action is taken to halt it.




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